GRADUATE I Class of 2022

Mustafa Khalid

With an academic background in human rights law and litigation followed by brief but varied professional stints at Axis and the GDA in development and corporate law, Mustafa lives and breathes his passion for law.

From a young age, he has been intrigued by the criminal justice system and accompanied his education with extensive volunteer work in organizations such as the AGHS Legal Aid Cell. Mustafa’s creative hobbies are socially-motivated as well with his short-film, “Zabtt” geared towards tackling sexual harassment and the violation of consent, screened at LUMS’ orientation week for the awareness of new students.

His aim to enhance social justice through legal innovation is now full steam ahead with his staggering university admissions. Competitive LLM programs from the world’s top universities equip lawyers with the skill-set, knowledge and lexicon for professional undertakings in law. Mustafa is one of many leaders Dignosco has helped join a global network of law specialists. ​