By signing our forms, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions (see backside of Form) of engaging Dignosco’s services. You confirm, in particular, that you understand and accept that, (i) there are no guarantees regarding admission and Dignosco shall not have any liability in connection with an unsuccessful application, (ii) all fee payments shall be upfront/in advance and are not refundable under any circumstances, and (iii) Dignosco reserves full marketing rights to advertise and publicize successful applicants and their admissions/scholarships.

  1. Dignosco is a private college-counseling service provider that assists students and professionals based on its experience and expertise. However, Dignosco does not have any influence over the admissions process including, over matters relating to admissions criteria, academic results/transcripts and recommendations etc. Consequently, the relevant school and/ or university will remain actively involved throughout the application process.
  2. Dignosco endeavors to help students and professionals achieve their maximum potential. To this end, Dignosco aids students and professionals through a customized counseling process to help bring out their best story during the application process. At all stages during this process, Dignosco’s efforts shall be premised solely on the applicant’s input. Each applicant is, therefore, required to submit only true and authentic information. Dignosco shall not be responsible for the consequences of any information provided being false, inaccurate or misleading. It is further clarified that Dignosco shall not, under any circumstances, engage in any unethical or illegal practice at any person’s behest.
  3. Dignosco does not offer any guarantee, regarding successful admission to any university or academic institution, employment and/or issuance of visa, as such matters are beyond the control of Dignosco. All students and professionals are expected to make an active effort and to lead the process. Dignosco does not assume any liability and/or responsibility in the event an application is unsuccessful and the applicant shall not have any claim against Dignosco in such event.
  4. Dignosco shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of profits, loss of revenue, or damage to goodwill suffered by any applicant arising out of or in connection with an unsuccessful application.
  5. Dignosco prides itself on having assembled a unique and diverse counseling team to guide students and professionals through the application process. This diversification ensures that applicants receive a myriad of views to help them refine their application in the best possible manner. However, applicants are responsible for the final result of their work, and must take ownership and lead the process.
  6. Dignosco’s counseling system operates on a queue system, and applicants will need to wait for their turn to meet the assigned counselor and/or relationship manager. The system allows applicants to jump queues through a priority service.
  7. Dignosco believes that cost should not be a factor in gauging a student’s merit, and hence Dignosco practices a need-blind policy for students and professionals with immense potential who can’t afford to pay for the costs of college counseling services. However, seats for such counseling products are limited, subject to early registration and other terms and conditions in Dignosco’s absolute discretion, including, without limitation, strict verification of consolidated family income and asset details.
  8. Dignosco’s relationship managers and executive assistants actively communicate with students and professionals, and where required parents and guardians etc. to keep everyone involved.
  9. Applicants must adhere to Dignosco’s communication policy for prompt response to all queries; all emails must be copied to or else may end up being ignored.
  10. All applicable fee shall be paid upfront and in advance. There shall be no re-fund of any amounts paid to Dignosco under any circumstances.
  11. Dignosco reserves full marketing rights to advertise, publicize and promote successful admissions and scholarships along with details of the relevant students and professionals. By engaging Dignosco’s services, the applicant issues to Dignosco his/her consent, permission and no-objection to promote and advertise as afore-said.
  12. Subject to payment of all applicable fees and dues, the duration of Dignosco’s services shall be as follows: (1) First Degree Registration: 2 years from date of signing of this Form or until completion of A Levels, whichever is earlier (2) Subsequent Degree Registration: 1 year from date of signing of this Form, (3) Pre-Degree Registration (School Abroad): 1 year from date of signing of this Form, (4) Pre-Degree Registration (College Road Map): till completion of O levels / Matric (as applicable). All services shall be creased upon expiry of Dignosco’s service duration.
  13. The fee quoted in Dignosco’s invoices are valid for up to 14 days from the date of the Invoice. If the fee quoted in an Invoice remains unpaid till the 14th day from the date of the Invoice, the Invoice shall expire and Dignosco shall, in its absolute discretion, have the right to issue a new Invoice with a revised fee quote.
  14. Dignosco reserves the right, but not the obligation, to accept payment of Invoices in installments. In case any applicant is allowed to pay an invoice in installments, the applicant shall strictly ensure payment by the applicable instalment dates. In case an applicant fails to make payments as afore-said, Dignosco reserves full rights to suspend its services until payment is made. Dignosco shall have complete discretion with respect to the timelines for resumption of its services, which will take at least 4 weeks after payment of the due installment.
  15. Dignosco reserves full rights to offer or withdraw discounts on its fee. Dignosco shall, in its absolute discretion, have the right to withdraw any discounts in the event an applicant fails to pay a relevant fee (or any installment thereof) within 3 days of it becoming due.