We are looking for thought leaders who have the capacity to engage talented individuals through a structured collaborative approach to transform their potential.

How it works?


You will take out predetermined hours every week or month to engage with individuals at a Dignosco College Counseling centers or online


You will mentor individuals to relate academic interests, life experiences, passions and aspirations for original and honest college and graduate applications


You will take or join workshops or seminars to engage individuals in group settings based on your location preferences or ability to travel

What you get?


Individuals you mentor have unique experiences and talents and you will get to shape their potential and direct the human capital creation process


Individuals you mentor have unique thought processes and varying risk appetite across academic, leadership and career interests that will allow you to discover and learn from different perspectives


Individuals you mentor include needy students from low to middle income families who overcome hurdles to compete for opportunities that can disrupt the status quo or the cycle of poverty and inspire many others


If you like outdoors, you can engage individuals and communities across the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush and immerse yourself in ancient cultures and magical surroundings


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