It aims to bridge the gap between the academic and interpersonal skills cultivated in students of Grade 6 to 10 or O-Level Programs and the skills required to stand out not only in the college admission process but also during the course of a 3 – 4 year college education.

Experienced counselors will use a structured approach to:
  • Teach students how to learn, find information, critically analyze it, & articulate their thoughts both in writing & verbally to work collaboratively across various disciplines
  • Enable students to establish the intellectual foundations for their college and career through exposure to others who have taken paths that their lives might take in a few years
  • Assist students in their personal evaluations to find their calling(s) & inculcate critical values required for leadership such as team work, failure, resilience, reflection, & growth
  • Develop a 2 to 3 year customized personal & academic plan for students & monitor performance to ensure that they are able to reach & perform at their true potential


This is a 10 month program (sessions will not be conducted in December & May to allow the students to focus on their examinations) that includes 5 group sessions, limited to a class size of 10 – 12 students, and 1 individual session each month. Students enrolled in CRM will also be eligible to participate in the Experiential Learning Program activities such as Community Engagement Projects, Habitat Studies, and Scuba Diving that are scheduled throughout the year.


  • Develop different aspects of a child’s personality to shape a well-informed, well-rounded & confident individual who is likely to succeed both at college and later on in life
  • Enable children to logically evaluate any issue from multiple perspectives & analyze information to develop their thoughts & present them in an articulate & concise manner
  • Engage with students & alumni of leading universities to broaden horizons & learn from their academic, extra-curricular, & personal experiences in a collaborative environment
  • Follow a structured counseling approach to explore a child’s interests, define targets & a clear road map to monitor progress regularly & evaluate personal development & growth