Asfandyar Ramday
Asfandyar Ramday

Marlborough College, Wiltshire
GCSE, 7A*, 1A, 1B, A1: 2A*, 1A
Claremont Mckenna College

Asfandyar Ramday’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and finding the right guidance to unlock one’s true potential. With remarkable achievements and a trailblazing spirit, he has overcome challenges and carved his path to success.

From the very beginning, Asfandyar defied conventional norms and expectations. Despite competing with many students who had exceptional SAT scores, Asfandyar achieved his extraordinary acceptances without an SAT score. This remarkable feat underscores his exceptional academic prowess, his unique talents, and the depth of his achievements.

Asfandyar’s pursuit of higher education was initially marred by dissatisfaction with the college counseling services he received. Recognizing the need for a supportive and dedicated team, he made the decision to join Dignosco, where he found a collaborative environment and a team that genuinely cared about his aspirations. Through his experience with Dignosco, he was able to tap into his true potential, unleashing a wave of exceptional results.

His achievements in academics, extracurricular activities, and environmental conservation have been nothing short of extraordinary. Asfandyar’s journey began at Aitchison College, where he laid the foundation for his academic pursuits. However, seeking a more intellectually stimulating and diverse learning environment, he made the bold decision to transfer to Marlborough High School in the United Kingdom. This move exposed him to new challenges and opportunities, fueling his drive to excel.

At Marlborough High School, Asfandyar’s passion for environmental conservation flourished. He co-founded a society dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and fostering awareness of the importance of biodiversity. His initiatives, such as installing beehives on campus and establishing a bird sanctuary in his paternal village, demonstrated his commitment to preserving the natural world. Through these efforts, he inspired others and left an indelible mark on his community.

Through his perseverance, Asfandyar overcame initial setbacks and challenges. By choosing Dignosco as his college counseling partner, he found the guidance and support he needed to navigate the competitive admissions process successfully. With their expertise and dedication, the Dignosco team helped him showcase his unique talents, achievements, and potential to top-tier universities around the world. This allowed him to secure admission offers from prestigious institutions, including Claremont Mckenna College, Middlebury College, University of California Davis, King’s College London, and University of Virginia, also known as the ‘public ivy’ since 1985. These renowned universities recognized Asfandyar’s exceptional potential, paving the way for him to continue his educational journey in an environment that values intellectual curiosity, diversity, and transformative experiences.

Asfandyar’s remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to students everywhere. It underscores the importance of finding the right guidance and support to unlock one’s true potential. His story reminds us that success is not limited to traditional measures but is achieved through a combination of determination, perseverance, and the belief that anything is possible.

Dignosco provides topnotch integrated counselling services through its priority plus package. This has allowed us to shape the college counselling culture in Pakistan since 2009 being the only college counselling firm with over 100 Ivy League and 33 Oxbridge admissions. We believe in providing integrated college advice which helps us deliver against the odds and sustain exponential impact by empowering lives.

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