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With our Initial Consultation, our counselors help you set clear academic goals. Whether you’re planning for foundation year, wanting to excel in undergrad studies, thinking about graduate school, or looking into MBA programs, we’ll guide you on the right path. It includes:

Get a sneak peek into what top-tier institutions seek

Personalized guidance that resonates with your unique aspirations.

A personalized roadmap that empowers and prepares you for the next big step.

Financial Insights to make your dream institution more attainable.

What Students say about us

Real Stories, Real Results


Syed Obaid Akhtar

Bloomfield , O Levels: 8A*, 1A
SAT: 1500
Stanford University


Ahmed Shujaan Gondal

Aitchison College, O Level: 13A*, 1A
SAT I: 2240
Harvard University


Fatima Abbas Bokhari

UC Davis, BA Communication & Psychology
GPA: 3.56
Columbia University


Noor Khan
University College London

BA (Hons) Education Studies
Harvard University

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