Syed Obaid Akhtar
Syed Obaid Akhtar

Bloomfield , O Levels: 8A*, 1A 
SAT 1500
Stanford University

Triumphing Against All Odds: The Extraordinary Tale of Syed Obaid Akhtar and His Journey to Stanford University

In the realm of extraordinary tales, one name shines brighter than the rest: Syed Obaid Akhtar. As the flames of financial turmoil threatened to engulf his dreams, Obaid’s ascent to the summits of academic success is nothing short of a triumph against insurmountable odds where determination, resilience, and intellectual prowess converge in a symphony of accomplishment, leading him to the prestigious halls of Stanford University.

Obaid’s story begins amidst the backdrop of a single mother’s unwavering love and sacrifice. As a sole provider, his mother bravely fought, finding solace and purpose in her work at Shaukat Khanum Hospital—a place where hope and healing intertwine. Inspired by his mother’s resilience and devotion, Obaid emerged as a beacon of hope, ready to embrace the transformative power of education.

His path to success was anything but conventional. From the corridors of Bloomfield Hall, Obaid’s commitment and thirst for knowledge propelled him to LGS JT—a bastion of academic excellence that stands as a testament to his merit. Against the backdrop of highly competitive peers, he reformed his identity, blending intellectual curiosity with the spirit of determination.

While his peers may have been content with the ordinary, Obaid sought greatness. The corridors of academia were not enough to contain his thirst for knowledge; he yearned to extend his reach beyond the confines of the classroom. Inspired by the profound teachings of philosophers such as Plato, Kant, and Aristotle, Obaid immersed himself in the world of ideas, engaging in spirited debates and contemplating the mysteries of existence. His passion for philosophy became a guiding light, illuminating the path to intellectual enlightenment.

Yet, Obaid’s pursuits were not limited to the realm of the mind. With compassion and empathy, he extended his hand to those in need. Volunteering at the hospital where his mother worked, he found solace in caring for cancer patients, offering comfort and support during their most challenging moments. In the face of adversity, he stood tall, a living testament to the profound impact one individual can make on the lives of others.

But Obaid’s journey was not without its trials. Asthma, a constant companion, threatened to impede his progress. Yet, he defied the limitations imposed upon him. With sheer determination and an unyielding spirit, Obaid embarked on an awe-inspiring trek to the Rakaposhi base camp—a grueling physical and mental challenge that showcased his tenacity and unquenchable thirst for adventure.

As the curtain of anticipation lifted, Obaid’s efforts bore fruit with acceptances to two prestigious institutions. Stanford University beckoned him with its illustrious reputation and groundbreaking research opportunities. The University of Southern California (USC), renowned for its vibrant campus life and comprehensive academic offerings, extended its welcoming embrace. These acceptances are not mere badges of honor, but a testament to the profound impact Obaid’s journey has had on those who recognize and celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

Dignosco: The Guiding Star

In the grand tapestry of Obaid’s journey, Dignosco emerges as a guiding star. Their unwavering commitment to leveling the playing field and empowering exceptional minds has become the catalyst for Obaid’s transformational journey. As he embarks on his next chapter, their integrated college advice and support remain steadfast, ensuring his trajectory continues to soar to greater heights.

Obaid is one of the many students Dignosco has facilitated in disrupting the cycle of social stratification through nurturing an environment that allows students to dream beyond preconceived boundaries. We do not discriminate against families on their ability to pay and provide need-blind seats with flexible payment plans to students after a careful evaluation of their financial background. This has allowed us to shape the college counselling culture in Pakistan since 2009 being the only college counselling firm with over 100 Ivy League and 33 Oxbridge admissions. We believe in providing integrated college advice which helps us deliver against the odds and sustain exponential impact by empowering lives.

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