Syed Haider

MBA I Class of 2022

Syed Haider Abbas Jafry

Success has come a-knocking on Haider Jafry’s door. Right out of university, he kick started 3 distinct ventures, and created an inclusive organizational structure in each of them. Bagging two amazing MBA admissions, Haider is excited to bring international business practices to the startup space back home.

Entrepreneurship is in Haider’s blood. He grew up seeing his grandfather and father build their businesses from scratch and demonstrate leadership in their industry. Learning from their example, Haider is determined to pave his own journey.

Competitive MBAs from the world’s top universities equip young executives with skills that make them the corporate innovators of tomorrow. Haider is one of many leaders Dignosco has helped join a global network of entrepreneurs striving to bring innovation to ventures in Pakistan.

All the best, Haider! Onwards and upwards