Over the course of the 20th century and well into the 21st, the United States has become a global powerhouse in the field of education.

It is home to many of the world’s largest, most well-funded and renowned Colleges and Universities. Its institutions are world leaders in quality of teaching, living and research and many such as Harvard University, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are household names all over the world.

The application process for admission into Undergraduate Programs in US Colleges is by far the most challenging experience while applying abroad for an Undergraduate education. Colleges look for internal examination results and transcripts, SAT and SAT Subject Test Scores, a minimum of 2 teacher recommendations, a record of extracurricular activities, as well as the much-dreaded college essay (and lots of other supplemental essays). The good news is that we’re there to guide you every step of the way. Our commitment and focus on finding meaningful and interesting activities that help you grow personally and intellectually is unparalleled. We use many of these activities, as well as your own unique personal story, in helping you to write sterling essays that give you a clear edge over other applicants in the extremely competitive admissions process.

Many excellent candidates from around the world apply to these Colleges and our help ensures that your application is unique and stands out among them. In the past two years alone, Dignosco has helped students gain admission to both large research Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford, as well as elite Liberal Arts Colleges such as Williams, Amherst and Pomona College.
Our experts, who come from some of the best Universities and Colleges in the US, will guide you throughout the application process, right from deciding where to apply to ensuring that you capitalize on your academic and extracurricular strengths fully through your activities and essays.