Personalized undergraduate counseling for a college application that stands out.

We ensure our students get into the top-tier colleges by simplifying the intricate college application process.

What Is the Dignosco approach to college counseling?

The Entire Undergraduate (UG) Application Process Is Spread Out Over A Two Year Period (A – 1 & A – 2 For A Level Students And Grade 11 & 12 For High School Students) During Which Dignosco’s Counselling Team Engages The Students Through Individual Meetings To Get To Know Them On A Personal Level, Provides Feedback On Application Strategy And Other Queries Through Emails, And Reviews Various Documents And Forms Related To The Applications To Provide Feedback To The Students On Possible Improvements. Dignosco’s Undergraduate Program Also Caters To Foundation, Clearing, Gap-Year, And Transfer Applicants. The Scope Of Work Changes According To Different Programs And Their Application Process And Requirements.

Undergraduate Global

The application process for admission into UG in US colleges is by far the most challenging experience while applying abroad for an UG education.


A Foundation Program is a one-year course, which serves as excellent preparation for entry into Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the United Kingdom.

Undergraduate Non-US

This excludes United States from the UG application process. Best suitable for students looking to study in UK, Canada or Europe.


It is a part of UCAS application process which allows students with no offers to fill available spaces offered by various universities in the UK.


Register for a fast-track application in our Partner colleges across US and UK. These colleges offer some of the best courses in cities like Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Miami, & London etc.


Students from local universities can apply to colleges in U.S. on transfer basis. Transfer admission is based on the courses that you have completed & the grades you have received.

Case Studies


Syed Obaid Akhtar

Bloomfield , O Levels: 8A*, 1A
SAT: 1500
Stanford University


Ahmed Shujaan Gondal

Aitchison College, O Level: 13A*, 1A
SAT I: 2240
Harvard University


Zahra Batool
LGS Landmark, O Level: 8A*, 2A
SAT 1500
University of Pennsylvania.


Ibrahim Tahir
LGS, JT, O Level: 3A*, 5A
SAT 1450
Bucknell University.

We help find your best fit...

Academic and Career Roadmap

Academic Evaluation & Future
Activities Planning

Standardized Testing and Strategy

SAT Strategy and Preparation Advice
Sample Applications Review

Financial Planning and Scholarships

SAT Strategy and Preparation Advice
Sample Applications Review

Personal Statements and Essay Guidance

Provision of Sample Personal Statements and Supplemental Essays
Review of all Personal Statements and Supplemental Essays

University Selection & Application Insight

Advice on University & Program Research and Selection
Review of all University Application Forms
Brainstorming to Develop Student’s Personal Narrative & Application Strategy

Interview and Communication Support

Interview Preparation
Guidance on all Potential Communication with Universities Pre & Post Applications
Helping in Evaluating Decisions to Finalize Enrollment Option
Addressing all Queries of the Applicant and Parents
Assisting with Managing Recommenders

Your Academic Success Begins With 101 Meeting

In a dedicated 60-minute initial consultation, our experienced Ivy League and Oxbridge graduates provide a deep assessment of your strength and ambitions and construct a personalized roadmap for your success.

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