Vanderbilt | CLASS OF 2022

Mahad Mohsin

LGS Paragon A Level, SAT 1540
LGS JT O Level 9A*s 1 A

When Mahd Mohsin isn’t winning top 10 positions in mathematics for Pakistan, he is interacting and working with rural brick kiln workers to eradicate the curse of bonded labor from society. His enthusiasm for justice varies from social to climate, where he partakes in fieldwork to study and monitor ancient oaks to estimate carbon sequestration amongst tree species in the Himalayas.

At school, his calendar is filled by student government and the Science Society at LGS Paragon, where he has conducted plantation drives that resulted in 5000+ new trees within the city and mentored teams for science contests. A passionate programmer, Mahd is also part of a rich student community of tech innovators.

These many interests, combined with his infectious energy, make him a favorite with his fellow students. Dignosco has been shaping the college counseling culture in Pakistan since 2009 by creating and sustaining exponential impact through empowering lives. With a fullride admission in Vanderbilt, Mahd’s college journey is shaping out to be every bit as exciting as himself. We wish him all the best!