GRADUATE I Class of 2022

Hamza Zafar

Algorithms command Hamza Zafar’s full attention how they sift through unstructured data and categorize it, creating patterns and logic out of what seems inscrutable to the human mind. He is inspired by the spirits of Alan Turing and Bill Tutte; not only by their conviction but also by their ability to ignite entire disciplines out of one time-sensitive discovery.

Since his BBA, Hamza has worked as a financial analyst and then in product research. However, he is excited by the world of mega-corps and their processing of big data .

Landing a spot in Rochester’s MS in Business Analytics, Hamza is one step closer to his passion. Specialist postgraduate degrees from the world’s top universities equip young professionals with skills that make them the game changers of tomorrow. Hamza is one of many leaders Dignosco has helped join a global network of executives striving to join emerging markets in Pakistan and across the globe. We wish him success in this endeavor!