GRADUATE I Class of 2022

Ghania Fatima

Ghania Fatima has been combatting marginalization against women through innovation. Her virtual makeup studio, Glow by Ghania, has a dedicated online community with which she empowers femininity through hosting open dialogues with her followers. With a background in business administration and passion for entrepreneurship, she has also utilized this platform to sell a collection of organic cosmetic products.

Ghania is motivated by one goal: designing innovative strategies to match the demands of an ever-evolving international market.

Landing a spot in two competitive marketing MS programs, Ghania is all set to join a global community of future marketers. With a prestigious postgraduate degree, she is determined to join the business intelligence arms of leading textile conglomerates. Ghania is one of many leaders that Dignosco has helped join a global network of business specialists since 2009. We are delighted to aid this crucial step in her professional journey.