June 2019

USD     1,600
GBP     1,100
EUR     1,280
DHM    5,800
PKR    180,000

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The British Backpacker Society has ranked Pakistan No.1 out of 20 World Adventure Travel Destinations.

Pakistan is blessed; it is the world’s most glaciated space outside the polar region, it has four of the world’s fourteen highest peaks across the world’s three greatest mountain ranges Hindu Kush, Himalayas and Karakoram that come together near Gilgit. It is where the Asian and Eurasian tectonic plates collided; it is the birthplace of Asia’s major religions, has ancient forests, flora and fauna, high alpine wetlands and is also home to the most unique and endangered animal species of our world.

The remote valleys and majestic mountains offer some breathtaking views that will permeate the cloisters of your memory and inspire for a lifetime. We offer structured experiential learning programs to engage with local communities, undertake wild life conservation projects and research opportunities on water bodies, forests and other habitats.

Samuel Joynson (26) said Pakistan was chosen in top spot, because it was “home to some of the world’s friendliest and most hospitable people, and offers some of the world’s most dramatic mountain scenery.”

Adam Sloper (25) said that the country’s Karakoram Highway was probably the most special road trip on the globe. “It links Islamabad with the mythical Hunza Valley … through peaks, valleys and glaciers so dramatic that your camera will inevitably run out of film. If you love mountains, there is just nowhere on earth like it,” he said.

Source: Lonely Planet



Our team of well armed and connected SSG commandos will ensure that you’re secure and well looked after.


Gadgets like GPS navigation, binoculars, spotting scopes, rafts, canoes, life jackets & rock/ice climbing equipment will be provided.

First Aid

Preliminary emergency planning is done for medical emergencies. We provide basic first-aid facilities and essential medical equipment like stretcher, SPO2 meters and oxygen.


Fresh meals will be served wherever possible. Canned food options are utilized to avoid any health hazards.


For trekkers, the trail can be hard, the air thin, and the gear heavy. Porters are hired to help transport personal and camp gear, they also act as local guides.


Immerse in the ancient culture of Gilgit Baltistan, and experience living with locals in their homes. Enjoy local musical performances with breathtaking views & bonfire in the wilderness.


We travel in convoys which include luxury minivans, custom and local jeeps.


Connect with your family even from the most remote corners through our satellite phones.
Chrages apply


Enjoy camping at high altitudes as we transport and provide tents, sleeping bags, closed cell mattresses, kitchen, mess and portable toilets.

Day 1

12:00 Coaster departs from LHR to ISB
16:00 Flight departs from KHI to ISB
18:00 International students will report at Dignosco office Islamabad
19:00 Consolidate team at Dignosco office & depart
for Naran

Day 2

07:00 Check-In & breakfast in Naran (2409m)
09:00 River Rafting workshop on Kunhar river
20:00 Dinner and night stay at campsite 

Day 3

05:00 Departure for Minapin via Babusar (4151 m)
07:00 Breakfast at Baiser followed by orientation session
13:00 Lunch at jaglot then continue to Minapin 
17:00 Check-in Diran Guest House (2036m) 

Day 4

07:00 Departure for Hapukun  (2878 m) 6 hrs hike 
14:00 Lunch at Hapukun followed by Map Reading & Navigation
17:00 Camera trapping in Hapakun forest 
20:00 Dinner at Camp followed by stargazing

Day 5

07:00 Departure for Taga Fairy (3481m) 5 hrs hike 
12:00 Sightseeing & photography at Rakaposhi Basecamp 
16:00 Tea at Hapakun camp followed by camera trapping
20:00 Dinner and night stay at hapakun camp

Day 6

06:00 Breakfast and Departure for Minapin 
14:00 Lunch at Minapin then drive to Khyber Village 
17:00 Breifing on Snow Leapord Conservation efforts by SKIDO
20: 00 Dinner and night stay at Tourist Lodge Passu

Day 7

07:00 Breakfast and departure for Ghulkin Village
09:00 Rock climbing session at Ghulkin
14:00 Lunch followed by briefing Sea Buckthorn
20:00 Dinner followed by local music at Ghulkin

Day 8

08:00 Breakfast and departure for Altit Fort
13:00 Visit Karimabad bazar
15:00 Visit Baltit Fort, Bazar & photography
20:00 Dinner and night stay at camp followed by              
stargazing at Duiker point

Day 9

05:00 Departure for Naran, breakfast en route
14:00 Lunch at Baiser
17:00 Sightseeing and shopping in Naran
20:00 Dinner and night stay at campsite

Day 10

06:00 Departure for Islamabad and Lahore
14:00 Lunch at Abbottabad
17:00 Karachi students depart for airport
20:00 Departure for Lahore
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