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We motivate you to reach your fullest potential and help you get accepted into your dream school

What sets Dignosco apart?

What truly sets Dignosco apart is our authentic touch. We don’t just fill educational gaps; we strive to understand the heartbeats behind every aspiration. Whether you’re from a vibrant city hub or a serene village, with us, you’re not just another student. You’re part of a family that believes fervently in the potential tucked inside each one of us.


Our Story

Back in 2009, Abrar stumbled upon the Latin word “Dignosco” and was struck by its profound meaning – “to distinguish or differentiate.” Inspired by this, he teamed up with Ata, Rizwan, Sarah, and Sadaf. Together, they had a simple yet powerful dream: to revolutionize the world of education for folks aged 12 to 50, not just in their home country but globally. And just like that, Dignosco was born!

Our Mission

At Dignosco, we’ve noticed a significant gap in the market. But rather than just talking about it, we’re on a mission to do something! We’re pioneering an ecosystem in Pakistan that champions the growth of private counseling. How? By creating bespoke college counseling centers and harnessing the power of technology. Our vision is crystal clear: to break down borders and tackle the hurdles in cultivating human potential.

Core Belief

For us, it’s all about growth – but not just any growth, holistic growth. We’re all about giving you a complete roadmap for global education and the diverse career paths that come with it. We’re teaming up with schools, colleges, and a myriad of organizations. Why? To proactively enhance and elevate the journey of human development. We’re here, hands-on, ready to guide, nurture, and uplift.

Meet Our Leadership

We motivate you to reach your fullest potential and help you get accepted


Ata ur Rahman


Beyond his distinguished credentials from Oxford University, Ata is the heart and soul behind Dignosco. As a CEO, he’s more than just a senior counselor; he’s a beacon of guidance, having poured his passion into shaping academic paths since 2009.

Abrar Ur Rahman

Abrar Ur Rahman


While Abrar wears the badge of a Yale University alum with pride, it’s his deep-seated wisdom and vision that truly define him. As Dignosco’s Director, he’s been a sculptor of success, crafting academic masterpieces with personal touch for more than a decade.

Our Success

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Your Story, Your Success: Discover It All in Our 101 Meeting

Join us for a meaningful hour where our Ivy League and Oxbridge minds tune in to your narrative. They’ll listen to your stories, recognize your strengths, and passionately chart a tailored roadmap for your future successes.

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